Our Books

Click the links below to see books by our stable of writers and photographers, including:
Rachel Burch, Sandy Grafton, Ben Kamin, Laura Harrison McBride, Michelle Fitzsimmons and Bryce Webster.

Time on a Greased Toboggan, dystopian poetry by Laura Harrison McBride

Hush Now, book for preschoolers and young readers, written by Michelle C. Fitzsimmons and illustrated by Laura Harrison McBride

Car Full of Death. A humorous mystery novel by Laura Harrison McBride

Cow-Tipping and the Deep Blue Sea. Poetry by Laura Harrison McBride

The Luminous Shadow of the Muse. Poetry by Laura Harrison McBride

Catfirmations. Cat inspired druid affirmations from Dartmoor, by Laura Harrison McBride. Photography by Rachel Burch

Ireland Explained. A narrative travelogue by Laura Harrison McBride

English Riding, Safe Riders by Laura Harrison McBride

The Spirit Behind the News. On Finding God in Family, Presidents, Baseball, Cell Phones, and Chevy Impalas, by Ben Kamin

A Nation of Serfs. Political commentary by Bryce Webster

The Pumpkin Head Affair: A Shelf Barker Mystery Short Story, by Laura Harrison McBride.

A Visit from O̶l̶d̶ Dead Saint Nick: A Shelf Barker cozy Mystery Novelette, by Laura Harrison McBride.

Rats at the Ballet: A Shelf Barker Short Mystery, by Laura Harrison McBride.

Allô, Bijou: A small dog moves from England to France and finds friendship, by Nora Ned McBride.

Bijou to the Rescue: A small dog comes to the aid of a fellow creature at the beach, by Nora Ned McBride.