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A Visit From Old Dead Saint Nick is the third Shelf Barker Mystery short story, and is a  British mystery romp through East Anglia, UK, all the way to Brooklyn, NY, USA, with a Christmas theme!

  A non-politically correct mystery short story based on the original Shelf Barker Mystery, Car Full of Death, Shelf finds he has to find out why the Santa Claus hired by his Mafia friends in Brooklyn, NY, croaked, to use the local vernacular. Of course his wife's relatives-by-adoption show up, and of course there are goombahs galore, not to mention delicious Italian pastries. And of course the least Italian dick in Brooklyn ends up a hero. Of sorts.

Not to die for; to LAUGH for.

Click this link to purchase a copy of this book:
A Visit from Old Dead Saint Nick: A Shelf Barker Mystery Short Story (Volume 3)

Kindle version also available.

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