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Ireland Explained

Ireland Explained
Ireland Explained, by
Laura Harrison McBride

Ireland Explained, by Laura Harrison McBride. A travelogue about modern Ireland. An update to H.V. Morton’s In Search of Ireland and a re-write/update of In Search of Modern Ireland by Bryce Webster.

Visiting Ireland, touring Ireland…

Love it or hate it, for millennia, Ireland has developed strong passions in Irish expatriates and others.  Many have tried to explain it; some have gotten it half right, but few have addressed all of Ireland’s facets.  In her well-praised 1985 book, In Search of Modern Ireland, author Bryce Webster expanded on a 1930’s attempt to explain the magical nation.  Her modern book retraced the steps of famous travel writer H.V. Morton, and also offered some insight into what was then, in 1986, a nascent Celtic Tiger.  At the time, Library Journal noted that the book offered “a balanced view of Ireland’s people and  contemporary life that is refreshing and informative.   Booklist called it, “instructive and quite entertaining.”

In this updated version of her acclaimed addition to the travel genre, Webster gives travelers and students of cultures alike insights into the conundrum that is Ireland, all of it, but mainly The Republic of Ireland, known via its Internet domains as .ie.

Out now on Kindle and in print.