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New Release – The Ancient Wisdom of Cats

Muffin Dog Press is happy to announce the new release of The Ancient Wisdom of Cats, words by Laura Harrison McBride and photography by Rachel Burch.

Cats have nine lives. Don’t you think there are a few things you could learn from them? And what if they were magical cats who lived on ancient, druid Dartmoor, deep in the ancient south of England? Here are magical cats of Dartmoor, come to help you affirm everything you’ve always wanted…and charm you as well with their antics all over the sacred spots of romantic, exotic Dartmoor. A perfect gift to yourself and your spirit helpers, or as a gift for a friend who loves cats, magick, or exotic places.

The Ancient Wisdom of Cats by Laura Harrison McBride & Rachel Burch
The Ancient Wisdom of Cats by Laura Harrison McBride & Rachel Burch

The Spirit Behind the News

The Spirit Behind the News, by Ben Kamin
The Spirit Behind the News, by Ben Kamin

On Finding God in Family, Presidents, Baseball, Cell Phones and Chevy Impalas

Read this book by America’s rabbi. Rabbi Ben Kamin explains how we got to where we are, and helps you understand the events of summer, fall and winter of 2008. Thus covering the events leading up to and the election of Barak Obama. With gentle humor and world-class wisdom, Rabbi Kamin explains it all for you.
A masterful work of spiritual self-help and a guide to recovery of all we hold dear in these tumultuous times.
Out now on Kindle and in print.


Catfimrations by Laura Harrison McBride & Rachel Burch
Catfimrations by Laura Harrison McBride & Rachel Burch

Catfirmations, a book of druid based affirmations, with many beautiful colour photos of magical Dartmoor, in Devon, England.

No self-respecting cat would teach you everything it knows…but our Dartmoor cats offer abundant Catfirmations to help you in your daily life. And there are some gorgeous pictures of cats and magical Dartmoor as well.

With Catfirmations,  you can access the wisdom of cats when you need it. In this charming little book, by author Laura Harrison McBride and landscape photographer Rachel Burch (who tracked these kitties across the wilds of Dartmoor*), Dartmoor cats offer affirmations to help with virtually all of your life’s major challenges, from health to safety. As a bonus, you get vibrant photos of magical Dartmoor scenes, and a collection of cat photos that would make almost any cat person’s heart sing.

Salve your soul, save your sanity and buy this book of on-target affirmations for help in most of life’s little difficulties.

*OK. She didn’t find the cats in the places shown.
She added them. Like magic.

Out now on Kindle and in print