Muffin Dog Press is named after a wonderful dog whose real name was Murphy Brown. Brownie at beachGoodness knows what her original name was; she was a stray puppy that showed up at a horse camp where one of my friends was teaching. Having just buried my old dog, a wonderful mixed breed named Cagney, I had room in my home–and always in my heart–for another dog in need. Murphy Brown, thus, gained a home and a new name. Two new names. It wasn’t long before I realized that she curled up in her favorite chair while I wrote or edited and, when she did, she looked just like a little muffin. Soon, Murphy and Muffin Dog became interchangeable. She would fail to respond to both!

Still, Muffin Dog was a wonderful friend–Reliable, trustworthy, loyal and true. So, when it was time to name my company, she came immediately to mind, even though she had joined Cagney in Doggie Heaven some years before.

The next mixed breed to arrive and sadly now departed is Brownie, another foundling who was the opposite of Muffin Dog. She was the color of a biscuit, and dashed almost everywhere. In fact, she was the fastest little dog I know.

Now the Press Room hosts a very small mixed breed called Heidi! Very terrier, quite fast and playful, and the model for the illustrations in our Bijou books for children, Allo, Bijou! and Bijou to the Rescue.

Please explore this site. We hope you will find books to interest and inform you. Please do let us know if there are titles you’d like to read that no one has published yet. If the idea fits our publishing mission–and the Muffin Dog staff has time to do it–you may be responsible for a valuable book in print.

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