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About Muffin Dog Press

A Literary Dogs' Tale

The founder of Muffin Dog Press began her adult life as partner to a semi-rescue Husky, soon joined by a Malamute in need of a home.  Later, there was a Black Labrador, a semi-coyote rescue, a mixed breed hunting dog found in the woods, a terrified pound puppy, and a little mama, given up after the backyard breeder was found out by the local animal rescue. Our founder has never gone more than three days without a dog to love and care for, and sometimes more than one at a time.

She brings love of animals to everything she does, and so it was natural to name the publishing company after one of her dogs, in this case, the mixed breed hunting dog who had always curled up like a little muffin.

Somehow, books just go with dogs. What is better than a comfy sofa on a cold winter's day and a furry head in your lap?

Muffin Dog Press publishes some topical and cogent works, but never anything snarky or venturing into salacious or malicious stories.  Mainly, Muffin Dog just wants to be friends, and enjoy some book time with you.

On 'Our Books' page, a listing of our current titles begins. Find all of them at and, bringing you our great books via their speedy delivery.

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