Bijou to the Rescue has arrived!

Muffin Dog Press is happy to announce the release of Bijou to the Rescue. This the second in a series, Allo Bijou!,  of books about a little English dog who moves to France.

Bijou to the Rescue finds Bijou and her new friend Camille at the beach.
The two dogs enjoy the sun and sand while waiting for their friend Maurice and his family to join them. It should be perfect, especially for Bijou who finds the warm beaches of the South of France much to her liking after the colder shores of her native England.

One day, playtime ends when the two friends hear a whimper of distress and decide they must investigate.

See how it ends for Bijou in this new adventure about the little British mixed-breed and her group of international friends.

The book contains around 8 illustrations by the author.


Bijou to the Rescue by Nora Ned McBride