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Rats at the Ballet book cover

Rats at the Ballet is the second Shelf Barker Mystery short story, and is a  British mystery romp through East Anglia, UK, all the way to Brooklyn, NY, USA, with a Christmas Theme!

  A non-politically correct mystery short story based on the original Shelf Barker Mystery, Car Full of Death, Rats is filled with humour, ridiculous antics, a couple of bodies, and a lovably nerdy detective who was once a driving instructor, yoga teacher and professor of some subject or other at a Jesus-freak university.
  And some very ratty no, it is NOT the New York City Ballet, no matter what you might think.

Not to die for; to LAUGH for.

Click this link to purchase a copy of this book (USA):
Rats at the Ballet: A Shelf Barker Mystery Short Story (Volume 2) Kindle version also available.

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