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Brownie at beachWelcome to the Muffin Dog Press web site.

We have made lots of changes lately, including some contract publishing for other writers and illustrators.

Originally published in September 2020, is Hush Now, a book for young children written by Michelle Fitzsimmons and illustrated by Marian Gorin.  It is published by Michelle’s Acorn Books Dartmoor publishing company, with production handled by Muffin Dog Press.  Michelle has added three more books to the series along with a hardback compilation. Visit her page here to see more.

The first Bijou book for international children, Allo, Bijou–about a little dog who moves from England to France–has been joined by Bijou to the Rescue. After some time in France, having made friends, she and her best friend rescue a tiny injured kitten at a Mediterranean resort beach. Both books were written and illustrated by Laura Harrison McBride under the pen name Nora Ned McBride.

A volume of poetry by Laura Harrison McBride, Time on a Greased Toboggan, was published recently. To see it on, click here. Or click here to view book page and buying options.

Also still available are McBride’s two previous poetry books, Cow-Tipping and the Deep Blue Sea and The Luminous Shadow of the Muse.

Muffin Dog’s classic books on learning to ride English style and traveling in Ireland are also still available, as is the raucous humorous mystery, Car Full of Death, and three independently published short stories featuring incompetent detective Shelf Barker: The Pumpkin Head Affair (a Halloween story) and two Christmas tales, A Visit from (Old) Dead St. Nick and Rats at the Ballet.

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News Update

Muffin Dog Press is pleased to announce the second in the series of children’s books Allo, Bijou!, the latest adventure for Bijou and her friend, Bijou to the Rescue, A small dog comes to the aid of a fellow creature at the beach, by author and illustrator Nora Ned McBride.

You can order your copy here.!

Bijou to the Rescue by Nora Ned McBride

Bijou to the Rescue.
Nora Ned McBride