Rats at the Ballet

Rats at the Ballet
Laura Harrison McBride

Poor Shelf! He had no sooner finished up his Halloween adventure in New York when his wife’s mafioso cousin called him–along with Shelf’s wife, Polly, and ex-wife, The Cobra–back to solve another one, a Christmas mystery. They did that, were handsomely rewarded by the Don, and flew back to their peaceful life in the UK, ready to celebrate their own Christmas with dog Biff and cat Mr. Bumpy.

But NOOOOOOO. A quiet Christmas was not in the cards for Shelf Barker & Co. They no sooner got in the door than they were sent to New York by a former client who would not be denied. Their task? To keep the famous New York City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker from becoming the graveyard of a lot more than this season’s new ballet shoes, and last New Years’ shattered resolutions. They didn’t have much time; the ballet would close on New Year’s eve, and whatever was going on had to be sorted out by then. Or else.

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