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Whether you are looking for a humorous murder mystery; some help in learning to ride in the English style; travel in Ireland and much more, you might find it here! We now have a new line of children’s books, Allo Bijou!, written and illustrated by Nora Ned McBride. See below for more.

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News Update

Just in time for 2017’s Christmas season, Laura Harrison McBride has published a short Shelf Barker cozy mystery, Rats at the Ballet. Click here to view more and purchase you kindle copy!





Muffin Dog Press is pleased to announce the first in a new series of children’s books Allo, Bijou! (Hello, Little One!), A small dog moves from England to France and finds friendship, by author and illustrator Nora Ned McBride.

You can order your copy here.!Allo, Bijou! (Hello Little One!) Nora Ned McBride

Allo, Bijou! (Hello Little One!)
Nora Ned McBride